Air Cooler Mini Neck Portable Bladeless


Mini Neck Portable No Bladeless Hanging Neck Rechargeable Air Cooler Mini Summer Sport Fan (random Colors)

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Porous air outlet, second speed cooling.

Hidden turbine design, no jamming. Super endurance, strong wind.

Lightweight and compact, hands-free.

4-channel air cavity of turbine concentrating air on both sides, strong wind gathering, and the wind gathering effect increased by 99%


Bladeless design for safe and comfortable use

Portable and lightweight, easy to carry around

Rechargeable battery for convenient use

Three speeds to choose from, adjustable to your preferences

Wearable design, keeps your hands free for activities

Bladeless design for a safer, more comfortable experience

Portable and lightweight, perfect for on-the-go cooling

Rechargeable battery for convenient use without needing a power source

Three speeds to choose from, customizable to your preferences

Can be worn around the neck, keeping your hands free for activities


Size: 16*4*6.2cm

Material: Plastic

Battery: lithium battery 1200mA

Gears: 3 gears weak medium strong

Weight: 280g


1X halter fan 1X data cable

Note: There are three wind levels to adjust




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